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How Can I Reset My Parental Control Password?

I actually do set up parental control lately to guard my personal 13 years old son. I would through accepted that may be with a few attractions that we think are not poor (probably the uncommon bit of poor phrases, nevertheless or even there’s nothing) end up blocked. All of us attempting to the actual problems the parental control We’re asked for truly the term. Unfortunately I did not jot it down and acquire the actual misplaced this specific. Is there a way of resetting the parental control password?

What is a Parental Control?

Parental Controls are made to to provide with additional control associated with the actual BlackBerry software may be used and something arrived at. How you can turn off to get into are you going to features and functions, characteristics, as well as we. You can also hinder incoming phone calls and permit messages to people in your Contacts app.

How to Reset or Recover Parental Control Password?

  1. Log on your computer as an administrator.
  2. Press the MCE button on the Media Center remote, use the pointer keys on the remote to select Settings, and then press OK on the remote.
  3. Use the pointer keys on the remote to select General, and then press OK on the remote.
  4. Use your mouse to point to the Parental Control button, but do not click the button.When you do this, the Parental Control button should be highlighted in green.
  5. Press and hold the CTRL+ALT+ENTER keys on your keyboard.
  6. The four-digit code resets, and you are prompted for a new four-digit code.
  7. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to set a new four-digit code.

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